Beginner A1 level

Polish short stories for beginners

Learn Polish without studying grammar! Our course offers an enjoyable and natural way to learn the language through easy-to-read Polish texts and stories. With each story featuring popular A1 vocabulary, you'll naturally learn correct grammar while expanding your vocabulary.

Our Polish language course is specifically designed to help you learn this way. We offer approximately 20 easy Polish short stories, and after completing the course, you can try having simple conversations with Polish speakers or move on to our Polish short stories for beginners A2 course. You can even learn Polish with Polish songs!

Each story comes with a Polish transcript, audio recording, and English translation. Plus, we've created special vocabulary exercises to help you memorise key Polish words and phrases.

A Fun and Natural Approach with Easy Polish Texts and Stories

Learning with our Polish stories is easy. Simply follow the links to each short story and complete the vocabulary exercises. You'll see slides with pictures, sounds, and important vocabulary, which you can repeat and listen to multiple times to practice pronunciation.

Next, you'll drag and drop the correct Polish translations of English words, which should be easy since the vocabulary is the same as the previous exercises. In the next lesson, read and listen to the Polish text and its English translation to remember vocabulary and grammar.

Finally, complete the drag and drop puzzle. After finishing each lesson, don't forget to review and revisit the lessons to revise vocabulary. More Polish language courses on Learn Polish language page.

Make sure to do at least one Polish short story a day to improve your language skills. Start learning Polish today with our engaging and natural approach!