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Zoreh from Warsaw, Poland

I am learning Polish but unfortunately after one year I am not good at speaking. I know about grammar and I have a lot of words in my mind but I can’t use them while speaking. When I saw Repeto, I thought this website will be useful for me.

I listen to Polish podcast and stories during a day, and I am so happy because I finally make progress. Thank you so much for your suggestions and encouragement!

Artur from Worcester, UK

Using Repeto involves reading, listening and watching interesting content in the target language. Each material has its original transcription, which we can follow while listening to the audio recording. The quality of the material is very good.

In short, we read and listen to interesting texts and dialogues, and additionally work with vocabulary. This works well and is very effective when learning a language.

Ann Marie from Carpentersville, USA

I need to HIGHLY recommend Repeto as I have found it so very motivating for learning, memorizing, writing, spelling and practicing the Polish language. There are many really useful tools in this excellent program. It is available for a a reasonable price!

I have easily improved my vocabulary and pronunciation skills. I look forward to every aspect of this and feel really blessed to have it available.

David from Uppsala, Sweden

Repeto helps to motivate me in my language learning and challenges me in very intriguing ways. Thanks to all this I improved a lot!