Beginner level

Polish for beginners

Welcome to our Polish language course for absolute beginners.

The course contains basic Polish vocabulary from levels A1 and A2 and has been designed for people who start learning Polish or want to refresh Polish language basics.

We think that the best strategy when learning a new language is to quickly acquire as much vocabulary as possible so our Polish for beginners course will contain many dialogues, texts and vocabulary exercises. When you finish the course, you can continue learning with our other courses like Polish short stories for beginners.

How to learn Polish with this course?

Our method is simple. You need to read and listen to each dialogue and text a few times to understand it completely. If you struggle with understanding, please use English translation or dictionary.

Once you remember the whole dialogue or text in Polish, work with vocabulary and try to improve Polish pronunciation by saying the words aloud.

Each lesson is accompanied by an easy vocabulary exercise. You need to correctly link Polish phrases to their English translations.

You need to solve the puzzle to finish the lesson and unlock the next one 😀

Polish lessons in this course:

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Cześć, mam na imię Tomek
Ile masz lat?
Skąd jesteś?
Jaki jest twój numer telefonu?
Co jest dzisiaj na śniadanie?
Tak, oczywiście, mówię po polsku.
Co robisz w wolnym czasie?