Russian language Beginner level

Russian short stories for beginners

Welcome to our Russian language course! The course will consist of 12 short stories created for Russian language beginners.

The stories will be easy to follow and will contain basic Russian language A1 and A2 vocabulary.

Each short story will be accompanied by an audio recording and a list of important words and phrases.

We will also include a simple drag and drop exercise to practice Russian vocabulary and to remember words easier.

Russian stories in this course:

Денис на пляже Show more
Каникулы Лены Show more
Фильмы с моим папой Show more
Бессонная ночь Show more
Желание Борисa Show more
Утро понедельника Show more
Мой поход в зоопарк Show more
Где моя сестра? Show more
Моя новая племянница Show more
Проблемы в отпуске Show more
Семейный ужин Show more