Beginner level

French short stories for beginners

Bonjour à tous ! Dans ce cours, vous pouvez trouver des histoires courtes et simples accessibles aux débutants pour pratiquer votre compréhension du français et également la prononciation.
Bonne écoute !

Hi everyone ! In this course, you'll find short and simple stories accessible to beginners to practice your French listening skill and also your pronunciation.

How to learn French with stories?

Our method is very straightforward. Please read and listen to each story many times until to understand it completely. If you struggle with understanding something, you can use English translation or post a comment below the story and we will help you. After reading the story many times, you should remember it almost by heart.

Next, work with important French vocabulary by listening and repeating words and phrases. You can also do drag and drop vocabulary exercise. Remember, it is very important to say phrases and whole sentences aloud as this will help you to remember them better. When you finish, please re-visit the story after a few days and again after a few weeks, to refresh the information you acquired.

We hope you will like our stories. Good listening !

French stories in this course:

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