Beginner A1 level

French short stories for beginners

Learn the French language with stories

One of the problems facing people starting learning French is the quite complicated grammar of the language. If you start by studying it, there is a good chance of you will struggle and give it up completely.

But there's another, much more enjoyable and more natural way to learn the language. If you listen to and read easy French stories many times, you will learn popular vocabulary and correct grammar naturally.

This course has been designed exactly to help you do so. Each story is very easy and contains popular A1 vocabulary only. We will have around 20 of these stories in the complete course and when you finish it, you can try to engage in simple conversations with French language speakers and start our next course French short stories for beginners A2.

Each French story contains a French transcript, French audio recording and English translation. We have also created special vocabulary exercises, to help you to remember key French words and phrases.

How to learn the language with French stories?

It is very easy. Below you will find links to each short story. Click the link and start doing exercises. At the beginning of each lesson, you will see slides with key vocabulary. Try to repeat words and sentences. You can also click the picture to listen to French pronunciation again. Spend a few minutes in this exercise practising pronunciation.

Then move to the next exercise where you will have to drag and drop the correct French translation of the English words. The vocabulary is the same as in previous exercises, so it should be easy.

In the next part of the lesson, you will see the short story. Listen to it a few times and practice pronunciation.

Then move to the final exercises, because you have practised so much they should be very easy. When you do the final drag and drop puzzle, you will finish the lesson and can go back to the course page.

Try to do at least one French short story a day and remember from time to re-visit the lessons to revise vocabulary.