Beginner A1 level

German short stories for beginners

A new way to learn the German language

Learning German doesn't have to be difficult. You can learn a lot of new vocabulary by reading engaging short stories. Our course German short stories for beginners contain 10 simple stories with basic German vocabulary from levels A1 and A2.

Each German story is accompanied by audio, so you can read and listen at the same time and improve your German fast!

How to learn the German language with stories?

Our method is quite easy. You start by reading and listening to each story many times. Try to understand it completely. If something is not clear, check the English translation. Yes, our German short stories have English translation, all you have to do is to click on a toggle switch 'Translation on'.

Once you understand the story very well, move to the next section. You will find there a list of important German words and phrases that were used in the story. Again, listen to each German phrase many times and repeat it aloud to remember it better.

The last part is a small German vocabulary test. You will have to match German vocabulary with their English translation by dragging and dropping. If you succeed the whole lesson is finished, and you can go back and continue the course.

One important tip. We remember by repetition, so it is very important to revisit finished German short stories after a few days and weeks. This will help you to retain all the vocabulary you have learned.

We hope that our German stories for beginners will help you on your language journey. Once you finish the whole course, you can continue with our other German language courses.

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German stories in this course: