About us

Repeto is a language learning website created by language enthusiasts for language enthusiasts. The editors are teachers and learners of foreign languages who share language resources with everybody interested. Our goal is:

To create the best resources for language learners

We work hard to achieve this goal but this is a demanding task for a small team, therefore, we are looking for new editors who could join us.

Are you interested in foreign languages? Do you speak a foreign language? Do not wait, join the Repeto team!

You can read information about this opportunity on Join us page.

Repeto Team

At the moment there are 4 people in our team.

Davide is a polyglot who speaks 6 languages. He helps with marketing and content strategy.

Kelly is an English teacher living in Spain. She created a lot of cool stories for our courses and helps with content creation.

Marvin is a French teacher currently living in Spain. He helps with creating and uploading content for the French language section.

Pawel is responsible for the technical side of things, website design and creating new features.

Apart from the 'core team' we have also a few contributors who occasionally help us as well. Genesis and Jon help us with the Spanish language section and Isa with the French one.

Please feel free to contact any of our Team by sending us a direct message. You can also email us if you are interested in working together.