Meet Luke (easy English sentences)

written by Pawel 2 days ago English language Listening

Today we have another easy post in English for absolute beginners. We will listen to and read a short text about a boy from London called Luke. As always, below the transcript you will find most important vocabulary and a short vocabulary exercise. You will have to link an...

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Polish podcast #4 - Problemy z francuskim

written by Pawel 3 days ago Polish language Listening

Welcome to the next episode of Polish Podcast . Below you will find the entire transcript of the podcast, its English translation, a list of important Polish words and phrases and a simple drag and drop exercise that will help you to remember them. I am...

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La compétition de badminton

written by Marvin 6 days ago French language Listening

Bonjour, je vais poster dans les semaines à venir des exercices de compréhension orale que j'avais préparés dans le cadre de mon travail. Si vous voulez, vous pouvez essayer de répondre à ces différentes questions pour vérifier votre compréhension du texte. C'est bien si vous pouvez le faire en deux...

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Introductions (English dialogue)

written by Pawel 9 days ago English language Dialogue

I hope you do not mind that I continue our series English dialogues for beginners. I know, we published quite a few of the recently😀 But I think listening to slow and easy English dialogues is a really nice way learn some useful vocabulary and improve listening comprehension...

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Do you speak any languages? (English dialogue)

written by Pawel 10 days ago English language Dialogue

We continue our series English dialogues for beginners. In this episode we will cover speaking foreing languages and I am sure that in the dialogue you will find some useful vocabulary. Please listen to it many times until you remember all the phrases by heart. It is also a...

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A dialogue for beginners (English dialogue)

written by Pawel 12 days ago English language Dialogue

Today I have something for English language beginners. This is a short dialogue between Tom and Pablo, a student from Spain. The dialogue was recorded in a slow pace and it is fairly easy to follow. I think that listening to dialogues in English and any other languages we learn...

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The man under the streetlight (Learn English with YouTube)

written by Pawel 21 days ago English language Video

Here's another episode of our series Learn English with YouTube. Today I present you the next scary story called The man under the streetlight. This is a really cool story with lots of interesting English vocabulary for intermediate learners. The video was created by Wansee Entertainment . There are...

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Polish podcast #3 - Jak nauczyłem się języka angielskiego

written by Pawel 28 days ago Polish language Listening

Welcome to the third episode of my Polish Podcast! In this episode, I talk about how I managed to learn English, what materials and methods I used and how long it took me. I hope this information will help you to learn Polish more efficiently 😀 As always, at...

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