Intermediate B2 level

Polish songs to learn Polish

Do you want to learn Polish? Do you like Polish songs? Great, this is our new Polish language course based on lyrics from popular Polish songs.

We think learning with lyrics can be a great and effective way to improve Polish vocabulary and learn about the culture at the same time.

The course will consist of the 20 best Polish songs to learn the language. We have tried to choose the most popular songs in Poland and arranged them according to the difficulty. You will start with easy songs and gradually move to more advanced ones.

We will add one song every week so please stay tuned!

How to learn Polish with Polish songs?

Before each song, you will find an exercise introducing new Polish vocabulary. Try to repeat every word and phrase a few times. Then, watch the video and listen to the Polish song a few times. Below the video, you will find the lyrics in both Polish and English.

Study the lyrics and English translation until you understand the meaning.

That is not all, if you really want to benefit from the course, sing along and try to remember the Polish song by heart. This is one of the most effective ways to improve your vocabulary.

Lastly, do a vocabulary exercise on the last page to finish the lesson.

Do not forget to revisit the lesson to refresh the vocabulary. Even better, create a song list on Spotify or other platforms and listen to Polish songs frequently. In no time you should remember them by heart.

Polish songs in this course: