Intermediate B1 level

Rodzina Kowalskich

Welcome to our new course for Polish language learners. This will be a video course about a Polish family. In 20 videos you will go with them on many small adventures and will learn a lot of Polish vocabulary in the process.

As with other Repeto language courses, each lesson contains a video and a few exercises that will help you to master Polish vocabulary.

How to learn Polish in this course?

The learning process is quite simple. As mentioned, each lesson contains one video packed with useful Polish vocabulary. Before and after the video, you need to do a few vocabulary exercises that will help us to understand and memorize the content.

Remember, after finishing each lesson, it is very important to re-visit and complete it a few times later on. We learn by repetition, therefore try to always repeat the same lessons many times. Each time you re-visit the lessons you will remember more and more.

Please choose the first lesson below to start learning Polish!

Our other Polish language courses

We think that this video course is for intermediate B1 level students and if you find it too hard, please visit our Polish language section and choose an easier course.

We recommend Polish for beginners and Polish short stories for beginners. Once you finish these two courses, you can try again.