Intermediate B2 level

Polish Podcast

Welcome to my Polish Language Podcast! I'm Paweł, a language enthusiast who's passionate about helping you improve your understanding of spoken Polish and expand your vocabulary.

This podcast is designed for intermediate learners who want to learn Polish quickly and easily. Instead of focusing on dull grammar rules, I'll cover everyday topics, books, and places I've visited, while sharing tips to help you master the language.

I use vocabulary up to B2 level and each episode is accompanied by a vocabulary list, audio recording, and simple exercises. By using important vocabulary in various contexts, you'll be able to retain what you learn more effectively.

In each episode of the Polish podcast, I will also invite a guest to talk about their experience with the Polish language. They will share their insights on how they have improved their Polish language skills and give you some tips on how to do the same.

If you're looking to improve your listening comprehension, then the Polish language podcast is perfect for you. With each episode, you'll get to hear real-life conversations and improve your understanding of how the language is used in everyday situations.

Not only that, but the Polish podcast is also a great way to learn more about Polish culture and history. Each episode will touch on different aspects of Polish life, from food and drink to literature and music.

So if you're ready to take your Polish language skills to the next level, then join me on this podcasting journey. Let's learn Polish together and have some fun along the way!