Intermediate B1 level

Creepy YouTube Stories

Welcome to Creepy YouTube stories, an English language course for intermediate students.

Watching engaging videos in a foreign language can be a fantastic way of learning it. This process will help you to learn new vocabulary and improve listening comprehension skills.

What is more important, the learning process happens almost imperceptibly. This is more a form of entertainment rather than boring study.

Do not focus on remembering thins, focus on the storyline and you try to understand it. If you do, you will expand your vocabulary and improve understanding of the spoken language.

Below you will find links to carefully selected videos created by Wansee Entertainment and other YouTube creators. We present only scary stories. What can be more engaging and entertaining than creepy stories? 😀

Each video is fairly short and is accompanied by a full English transcript. We also added a list with important vocabulary and a drag and drop exercise.

How to learn with this course?

  1. Start by watching the video a few times checking the transcript or switching on the subtitles.

  2. Then work with vocabulary, play the sounds of words and phrases and try to pronounce them.

  3. Lastly, do the drag and drop exercise.

Remember to re-visit the stories and watch them again after a few weeks to consolidate the learning process.

YouTube stories in this course: