Creepy man followed me home from cemetery

Watch the video a few times. Study transcript and translation to understand it.


One day, when I was in the sixth grade, on a rainy day I was walking home.

On my walk, which is about a mile or so long, I had to walk through a cemetery.

Not a stereotypical, shabby, haunted one but one that had many people walking through and was usually full of maintenance employees.

I remember walking by a group of them sitting on benches on a break.

I thought nothing of it as he stood up and started walking at a fair distance.

After a bit I looked back at him, and he looked down quickly.

He was in the same baby blue uniform as the others and had a grey beard but I made out a name tag: Frank P.

As the other workers faded from sight he was still behind me.

I began to worry. A moment later he called out “It's wet, huh”, in a friendly voice.

I chuckled politely and agreed. My worries increased a second later when I walked out, and he was still behind me.

I was close to my house now and it started to pour. My house in sight, I started jogging to get there.

I glanced back and I saw the man visibly angry start running.

As my house got closer I began to sprint. I didn't look back as I slung the key out of my backpack and opened the door.

I looked behind me I saw the man in the middle of the street.

I walked over to the phone and dialed 911. Before I called and looked out the window, he was gone.

I told my mom what happened when she got home. She didn't believe me.

That night I couldn't sleep. There was lightning outside and I could see occasional shadows from the flashes through my window in my living room.

I lay watching the flashes when I saw a strange outline. I looked closer and saw an outline of a man.

I stood up and walked out of my room and walked into the living room.

It was completely dark outside. I stood in the doorway and waited.

A car's headlights illuminated the pale, shallow face show of Frank P.

I ran into my room and locked the door. Never saw him after that night but whenever I see that baby blue uniform I think back to that night and that hunting image and the skeletal, unnatural face of Frank P.

This is important vocabulary from the previous section. Play the sounds and practice pronunciation.

  • cemetery a place where dead people are buried
  • shabby untidy and in bad condition
  • haunted (of a place) frequented by a ghost
  • maintenance work that is done to keep something in good condition
  • beard the hair that grows on a man's chin
  • to chuckle to laugh quietly
  • to pour to rain, producing a lot of water
  • to jog to run slowly (often for exercise)
  • to glance to look somewhere for a short time
  • angry feeling or showing anger
  • backpack a bag that you carry on your back
  • to dial to call a telephone number by turning a dial or using a keypad
  • outline the shape made by the outside edge of something
  • headlights two large lights on the front of a car
  • pale light in colour or shade
  • shallow not deep

Drag and drop words and expressions to their correct translations.

to run slowly (often for exercise)

light in colour or shade

two large lights on the front of a car

to look somewhere for a short time

a place where dead people are buried

cemetery headlights to glance to jog pale