The man under the streetlight

Watch the video a few times. Study transcript and translation to understand it.


I'm scared of the dark and I have a good reason for it.

You might be thinking so almost everyone is scared of the dark because something happened to them.

Well, that is true for me too. Here's my story.

About 2 years ago I ran away from home.

I don't know just what I was thinking at the time but I left with no food no water no belongings and no coat.

It was a very rainy day and I sensed that I should either find shelter or I'd be soaking wet.

So I decided to walk to my school and stay there for a few hours to dry off as I was already wet and cold on a rainy day.

As I arrived I lay down my head and quickly fell asleep.

And when I woke up it was pitch-black outside and I could barely make out anything.

I didn't have a watch or anything that tells the time so I assumed it was midnight.

At least it stopped raining and I thought.

I decided to just go back home as I wasn't far and I was very hungry at that time.

As I got up I stopped.

There was something in front of me under a street light about 50 yards away.

It was a man about 6 feet tall and he was wearing a black coat with a hoodie over his face so I couldn't see his face.

At first, I thought it was my dad who had come to look for me so I felt relief.

But I didn't want to get into trouble so I hid in the bush nearby and peeked out.

The man was standing there and looked around for what it seemed like a half an hour.

Then under the light of the street light, he pulled something out of his pocket.

I couldn't make it out at first but then I realized it was a kitchen knife.

Then he started to run toward the bushes. No, towards me, exactly!

I grew frightened and sprinted out of the bushes like an arrow.

He already knew I was there.

I didn't stop running until I got home without ever looking back.

So I survived but to this day I still wonder what would have happened if I didn't run on that day.

Or worse, what would have happened if I didn't wake up at the school.

I developed my fear of the dark from this incident.

It's so bad that now I have to sleep with a night light or the hallway light occasionally.

Because I'm afraid that the man who my saw will kill me or kidnap me someday if I don't turn the light on.

This is important vocabulary from the previous section. Play the sounds and practice pronunciation.

  • to be scared to be frightened or worried
  • relief a happy feeling that something unpleasant has not happened
  • shelter a place giving protection from bad weather or danger
  • pitch-black completely black
  • to assume to accept something to be true without proof
  • midnight twelve o'clock at night
  • a hoodie a sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket with a hood
  • to make out to manage to see or hear something with difficulty
  • to kidnap to take a person away illegally by force
  • occasionally sometimes but not often

Drag and drop words and expressions to their correct translations.

a happy feeling that something unpleasant has not happened

to manage to see or hear something with difficulty

to accept something to be true without proof

sometimes but not often

completely black

pitch-black relief occasionally to assume to make out
Sorry, try again.