Someone broke into my room

Watch the video a few times. Study transcript and translation to understand it.


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A few years ago, I was driving from Texas to Louisiana to help my dad move when I stopped at this tiny, crappy motel right off the highway.

It was very late at night and it was the only option I could see.

I don't remember the person who checked me in it at all.

I was so drowsy I could barely keep my eyes open.

All I remember is sitting on the bed kicking off my boots and noticing that my room was connected to another room.

I saw that the lock on that door was turned to the right which looked like the locked position to me.

And I fell backwards and passed out on the bed.

At some point I turned my body and laid on the bed fully.

I don't remember when or how long I had been sleeping.

Then, I was awoken in the most terrifying way imaginable.

A sharp object was stabbed into my back.

I screamed and rolled off the bed.

I looked in just barely caught a glimpse of what looked like a very skinny man with long greasy hair run through the door that connected our rooms.

I was taken to the hospital after I ran into the parking lot screening.

And the paramedic removed a letter opener from my back.

I never returned to the motel and I have no idea what happened or who it was.