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Ania Marysia
11 days ago

I have discovered some Polish word search workbooks that are very helpful especially in remembering the vocabulary and of course/oczywiście spelling.

They are nawet dostępne in large print or easier ones for children.

I also started today with trzy boxes. In one I put vocabulary words then toss ones I have memorized in a different box and the last box is the the słowa

I still do not know and I plan to do this daily but not for more than 30 minutes a day.

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9 days ago

Hi Ania, 

Nice system, I hope it will work. Many people also use flashcards for remembering vocabulary. It is possible to have electronic ones with sound now but traditional ones work as well. 

Basically you put a phrase or word in Polish on a small piece of paper and on the back write English translation. You make 10 or 15 of those and then try to recall the Polish word when seeing an English translation. If you succeed (you remember the word) you put the card aside. 

If you do not remember, you take the card at the end of the stack. You continue until you do not have any flashcards left. After a day or two you repeat until you remember the words well. If so you can destroy old cards and make some new ones. 

I try to learn Russian like that with the difference that I use software called Anki. It is time-consuming but it seems to work. 

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