Join us

We offer the opportunity to join the Repeto team. Our vision is to create the best possible resources for language learners across the globe. We want people to learn languages effectively and with pleasure.

It is an ambitious task for a small team like ours, therefore, we welcome new contributors. We are looking for people who believe in our company's vision, have an open mind, and want to learn new skills.


We have a range of opportunities for content creators, editors, voice-over artists, marketers and community support members.

Mind you, we have a small budget so you won't be paid a salary. Instead, we offer all our language resources for free and if possible language lessons done by people with experience!

Also, our contributors can advertise their own projects (blogs, tuition, voice acting, etc.) on their profile pages.

If this is something interesting for you, you want to learn something new and be part of this project, please email us or use the chat below and we will get in touch with you.

Thank you!