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6 months ago

How about tips for learning French?

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6 months ago

Hi! Thanks for the question. I want to answer you as both a teacher and a polyglot. The most difficult parts in French are the pronunciation/reading and writing. Because it's a language that doesn't follow a well specified set of rules when it comes to writing words. So, what you should do is doing a big focus on the active language since the beginning, more than any other language. Namely you should try to write from day 1 in French, as well as speaking.

Besides that you should try to listen with a text/subtitles. And we have many lessons like that in our website. Why is it important? Because in this way you can both learn words and grammar in a practical and natural way, but also you start to link pronunciation with the words you see and that is key when you learn French, just like the way you learned English (if it's not your native language).

For any further questions, let me know. Enjoy your study and welcome to our community 😀

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