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Ania Marysia
16 days ago

I learned the Polskie days of the week now but how do those words change when it is SundayS, MondayS, TuesdayS etc.

I know the Polskie słowa for weekend but how to you say weekdays and weekendS?

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16 days ago

Hello Ania, thanks for next Polish language questions 😀

Regarding plural form for Polish days of the week, they are:

poniedziałki Mondays

wtorki Tuesdays

środy Wednesdays

czwartki Thursdays

piątki Fridays

soboty Saturdays

niedziele Sundays

weekday and weekdays are dzień tygodnia and dni tygodnia but this can mean also Saturday or Sunday (is weekday a day from Monday to Friday? I do not know myself...)

Regarding weekend/weekends singular and plural, they are:

weekend - weekend

weekendy - weekends

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