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Imperfetto in Italian


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almost 3 years ago

How do you use the imperfetto in Italian? What's the difference with the passato remoto and the passato prossimo?

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almost 3 years ago

Ciao 😀 good question. The "imperfetto" can be translated in English as the past continuous and the Italian way to say "used to...". In fact, the imperfetto is mainly used for past actions that last over a longer time frame compared to the passato remoto and the passato prossimo and it's also used to describe old routines.

Facevo molto sport quando ero bambino I used to do a lot of sport when I was a kid

I was thinking that we could go to the cinema tonight Stavo pensando che potremmo andare al cinema stasera.

Pensavo fossi morto! I thought you were dead!

Let me also share the articles about the most important verb tenses and also a mini-story written by me where I use the imperfetto most of the time.

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