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almost 3 years ago

Hello there. I have this old, self-study Polish textbook for French beginners. It is very good but it has got one fatal flaw. As this was published some time ago there are no mp3 files with it. There is a pronunciation key but of course, it would be better to hear the correct pronunciation.

So, I am asking all our French speakers to help with recording pronunciation for each lesson. I will add another lesson as soon as somebody posts the audio file with the French pronunciation. I think audio requests, text and recording can be a nice resource for French learners on its own. Here is the first lesson:

Leçon un

Écoutez! Je parle français.

Est-ce que je parle français?

Oui, vous parlez français.

Parlez-vous polonais, monsieur?

Oui, je parle polonais.

Parlez-vous russe, madame?

Non, je ne parle pas russe.

Parlez-vous allemand, mademoiselle?

Oui, je parle allemand.

Parle-t-il anglais?

Non, il ne parle pas anglais.

Parlent-elles polonais?

Oui, elles parlent polonais.

Parlez-vous russe, messieurs?

Oui, nous parlons russe.

Parlez-vous anglais, madames?

Non, nous ne parlons pas anglais.

Parlez-vous français, mesdemoiselles?

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almost 3 years ago

Here's the French audio for the first lesson: I will also put it to audio player so you can download it:

Post following lessons I will try to help 😀

answered by
almost 3 years ago

Thanks a lot Marvin, I appreciate your help. I will add the next lesson soon.

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