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Benefits of learning German?

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23 days ago

What are the benefits of learning German?

How can I improve my German ?

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17 days ago

The benefits of learning German depend on where you live and what your plans are. If you live far from Europe, you don't work in a place where there are contacts with Germans and you have no plans to go and live in a German-speaking country, it is fairly useless outside of the common benefits of learning a language. No language is as useful as English nowadays unless you need that specific language for a specific personal reason.

Improving your German, like any other language, is a long journey. Something I can recommend you to do is to work on each part (reading, speaking, listening and writing). If you work only on one part, you will have a flaw that will get bigger and bigger over time. Also, I recommend you to focus on what you need. If you need German for working in a shop in Germany, you should focus on making your German as much good as possible for that specific scenario.

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