Online lessons

Even the best online resources for language learning will not replace a real conversation with a person.

That's why Repeto team has decided to offer online lessons via Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. We will try to encourage you to speak during friendly online lessons.

At the moment we teach French, Italian, German, and Polish. All of our tutors have got a lot of experience in language teaching.

The lessons can be booked via iTalki, Lingoci, and Fiverr websites, but we are working to bring this functionality to our website and are planning to invite more teachers.

You can check the price of the lessons and their availability after clicking Book a lesson button, but please feel free to contact us for details.

Italian and German

Hi there, I'm Davi. I speak 7 languages, and I'm a very experienced online teacher who has been teaching mainly German and Italian for years. I have taught to classes and individual students, but prefer the latter because I consider it the best way to teach and learn a language.

My method is peculiar because it is mainly based on conversations and writing. I try to make my lessons really active. I don't focus on the grammar and just teach it when necessary. Furthermore, I'm also able to simplify all the rules and make them understandable to anyone.


Hey, my name is Marvin, and I'm a contributor for Repeto for the French section. I've been teaching for a while now, especially through my years as a language assistant in Scotland and in Spain. This means I was in a secondary school helping the teachers and the students to improve their French, especially with their speaking skills. That also allowed me to improve a lot in my learning of English and Spanish.

Meanwhile, I was studying with the Alliance Française to officially become a French teacher with the obtaining of a diploma called DAEFLE. This year, I'm in Spain for my last year as a language assistant in a language school. I'm also teaching online on a website called Lingoci and as a new teacher, I'm excited to create new content for you and any of my students.


Hello, Pawel here. I'm very excited to teach Polish here at Repeto and help you out with learning this difficult language. Polish is quite a challenge for our students, but together we can tackle successfully Polish pronunciation, speaking, and even grammar 😀 .

During the lessons, I encourage students to speak and try to repeat the same material many times. I think that repetition is the key to learning. Hence the name Repeto for our website, by the way.