Beginner A1 level

Italian Small Podcast

Hello there, welcome to my Italian Podcast!

My name is Davi, I love learning languages and I would like to help you with the Italian language.

The podcast has been created for intermediate learners who would like to improve understanding of spoken Italian and improve Italian vocabulary.

In the first episodes I will analyze some usual sentences. Later on I will then start to talk more and more in Italian. This podcast is thought both for beginners and intermediate students.

I hope you will like this formula. If you have any questions regarding the Italian language or want to get in touch, please visit our contact page and email me.

Italian podcast episodes:

Ep. 1 Penso che sia una bella idea
Ep. 2 Voglio provare ad imparare l'italiano perché mi piace
Ep. 3 The future in Italian
Ep. 4 Ci prendiamo un aperitivo? L'aperitivo degli italiani
Ep. 5 Domicilio e Residenza
Ep. 6 Abbreviazioni
Ep. 7 Gli italiani sono tutti uguali?