Intermediate B1 level

English by Ear

Hi, I'm Jack, welcome to 'English by ear'!

This is an audio course for English language learners who want to improve listening comprehension skill.

In each episode, I talk about life in Britain and will cover everyday topics like sports, eating out, dating, my work, my daily routine, etc. Your task is to listen to the audio many times and to try to understand it. If something is not clear, you can check the English transcript accompanying each episode.

We are still working on it but below each episode, you will also find a list of important English words and phrases as well as an easy exercise that will help to remember it.

That's really it. I think there is no more effective way to understand better spoken English. Just be patient, do one episode a day, check the useful vocabulary list, do the exercises and move to the next episode.

I can guarantee that after a few weeks you will understand more and more 😀

English by ear episodes: