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What is the difference between "ciò" and "cioè"?


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almost 3 years ago

I can't understand the difference between them.

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over 2 years ago

Ciao! 😀

They are very similar. Both of them refer to something previously mentioned.

La casa è molto vecchia. Ciò vuol dire che può rompersi molto facilmente. The house is very old. That means that it can break very easily.

La casa è molto vecchia. Cioè è del 1890. The house is very old. Namely it was built in 1890.

You use "ciò" and "cioè" to add information but you do it in different ways. "Ciò" simply means "That" and "Cioè" si more like "Meaning that" or "namely" or even "That means".

Ciò usually adds consequences and Cioè adds deeper information about what was mentioned before.

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