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25 days ago

Since last Thursday I started attending this Polish class on google classroom (once a week), it's a class for students where I live.

The teacher for this class pretty much only uses Polish, she only gives an explanation once in a while. So I have no idea what she's talking about. It's also a mixed class of students at different levels of Polish but I'm sure everyone in the class except me grew up speaking or hearing the language. The class has lessons on Polish history and geography which I can't understand as it's all in Polish.

Are there any key/useful words or phrases I should know that could help me? (the class is mostly seaking based)

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answered by
25 days ago

Hello Celina, it's nice to see you again.

This certainly is a good idea to have live lessons if you want to start speaking. There is no other way than... speaking.

Do not worry if you do not understand everything, you will gradually improve. You can speed up this process by listening to Polish language podcasts and reading audio transcrpits. You need to undestand around 80% of what you hear, and listen to the same audio a few times to improve.

Please check my Polish podcast 😀

Reagrding a few sentences that could help you a bit:

przepraszam, nie rozumiem sorry, I don't understand

nadal nie rozumiem I still don't understand

czy możesz powtórzyć jeszcze raz? can you repeat?

czy możesz mówić wolniej? can you speak slower?

jak powiedzieć 'table' po polsku? how to say 'table' in Polish?

answered by
24 days ago

Okay, thanks.

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