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Months in Italian


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almost 3 years ago

How do you say months and dates in Italian? I'm struggling a little to understand them completely.

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almost 3 years ago

Ciao! 😀 If you know months in English you shouldn't have many problems learning them in Italian because they are fairly similar but I can understand your struggles. Try to learn them in groups and possibly use some flashcards or the exercises we have in our website.

For having a proper and complete explanation I leave you the link of the article: Months in Italian

As for the dates, I also explained them in that article but let me briefly tell you that in order to use them you should not use ordinal numbers as it is used in English but cardinal numbers. Meaning that a date should be tell in this format "Two march" and not "second march". Only for the first day of the month you can actually say primo first.

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