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Italian Polite Speech


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almost 3 years ago

How do you address someone politely in Italian?

How should I use the polite form and when?

I can't really understand it!

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almost 3 years ago

Ciao 😀

When talking with someone in Italian you have to be careful of how you address the other person. Because in Italian, as in many other languages, we have a polite speech.

When is it used?

For using the polite speech you have to change everything as if you were talking to a third female person (Lei).

Posso aiutarla? Can I help her / May I help you? (polite)

Può sentirmi? Can he/she hear me / Can you hear me? (polite) (polite)

Lei cosa pensa di ciò? What does she think about it? / What do you think about it? (polite)

If you want to ask if you can stop addressing the other person like that or if you want to say that the other person can stop using a polite speech, you need to use the following phrases:

Posso darle del tu? May I address you with "tu"?

Può darmi del tu. You can address me with "tu"

Remember that even in this case you can avoid to use the personal pronoun unless you want to emphasize. The correct conjugation automatically makes the other person understand it.

Lei può sentirmi? Can you hear me?

Lei, può sentirmi? Can YOU hear me?

Può sentirmi? Can you hear me?

Feel free to practice even more with the exercises below!

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