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How to practice German grammar?

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When it comes to practicing German grammar, just like any other grammar, I would encourage you to write and read a lot. When you write you use grammar and that really helps you to understand how to use the grammar you're trying to learn. Also try to get feedback when you do that, so that you can understand whether the sentence is correct or not. And you have to repeat this process over and over again. If you focus on grammar exercises etc. you won't learn much and you're going to get really confused!

Remember to simplify the grammar. That means that you don't have to cover ALL the grammar, but only the grammar that you need. If you want to speak with native speakers, you have to focus on a spoken German (which cuts off all tenses such Präteritum, Subjunctive etc. which are more written language).

If you want to learn German grammar focus on the grammar that we provided you in the corresponding course on the German page 😀 besides that learn prepositions and practice, by writing, the nominative, accusative and dative declination. It takes some time. Ignore the genitive for now. Viel Erfolg!

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Lilian wawira
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