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Audio requests French

asked by
almost 4 years ago

Can you record audio for the following text, please?

I also have a question. In the text, there is A Paris and A Varsovie but below, in the vocabulary section, there are à Varsovie and à Paris.

Does it mean that this accent disappears with the capital letters?

Leçon trois

Regardons des photos

Madame Renoir, Marie et Jean regardent les photos et les cartes.

- Voici la photo de Suzanne, l'amie de Marie.

- Et voila la photo de Pierre, le camarade de Jean.

- Voici Paris, la capitale de la France. Regarde la Tour Eiffel !

- Et voila Varsovie, la capitale de la Pologne. Regarde le Palais de la Culture et de la Science !

- À Varsovie on parle polonais.

- À Paris on parle français.

- Nous aimons aussi parler français et nous aimons regarder des photos et des carte.


à Varsovie

à Paris

nous aimons

2 answers
answered by
almost 4 years ago

Here's the recording:

A with the accent

Regarde without the s in Regarde le Palais de la Culture

answered by
almost 4 years ago

Fantastic, thanks a lot Isa 😀

Sorry, I have mistaped it, it should have been Regardez. Is there a difference in pronunciation between Regarde and Regardez?

In the meantime I have changed it to Regarde

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