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English past simple


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over 2 years ago

Hi! It's me again. Can you explain past simple please?

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Hi again! 😀 Sure, I will explain you this one too.

Past Simple tense usage

We use past simple in following situations:

How to make the simple past sentences

We can create sentences in the past simple relatively easily. All you have to do is to add ed ending to the basic form of the verb. Below a few sentences in the past simple tense.

They watched TV yesterday evening.

The schema of creating declarative sentences is as follows:

Subject + verb in the basic form with the ending ed
I, My father, Tom, American students, You, We, They, Guardians of the Galaxy talked, started, enjoyed watched, worked, danced, cleaned, wanted, rained

A few more examples of sentences in the past simple tense

This morning I cleaned my teeth.

Yesterday it rained all morning.

We enjoyed the party last night.

Lucy passed her exams because she studied hard.

Exceptions when creating verbs with the ending ed

Irregular verbs

Unfortunately, next to regular verbs in English there is a large group of irregular verbs that do not form the past form by adding the ending ed. For instance, the past simple form of the verb write is wrote not writed. For that reason, the sentence in past simple tense with this verb looks like that: Yesterday I wrote a letter to my uncle.

You can find all of irregular verbs in our table English irregular verbs with audio but below you will find the most common ones.

Basic form Past simple form Pronunciation
be was, were
(depending on the subject)
begin began
break broke
bring brought
buy bought
choose chose
come came
do did
drink drank
eat ate
fall fell
find found
forget forgot
get got
give gave
go went
have had
hear heard
know knew
make made
meet met
pay paid
put put
read read
(same spelling but different pronunciation)
say said
see saw
sleep slept
speak spoke
take took
tell told
think thought
understand understood
write wrote


We create questions in Past Simple by using the word Did at the beginning of the question, the verb returns to its basic form and, as always, we finish the sentence with a question mark:

Did they watch TV yesterday evening?

A few more sample questions:

Did I clean my teeth this morning?

Did it rain yesterday all morning?

Did we enjoy the party last night?

Did Lucy pass her exams because she studied hard?

Negative sentences

Negatives in past simple are created by placing did not (or didn't) after the subject. The verb appears in its basic form:

They didn't watch TV yesterday evening.

A few more examples of negative sentences:

This morning I didn't clean my teeth.

Yesterday it didn't rain all morning.

We didn't enjoy the party last night.

Lucy didn't pass her exams because she didn't study hard.

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