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almost 2 years ago
What are in your opinion best apps to learn Polish? I've tried Duolingo and I'm not sure if it will help me to speak Polish...
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almost 2 years ago

Hi Stefan, thanks for an interesting questions. Using apps are great way to learn the language because you can use them in many different situations. Of course it is difficult to say this one or the other is the best app to learn Polish. I guess it all depends what language competence you want to improve.

For instance if you want to undestand spoken Polish better, I think the best app would be just a regular app that will allow you to listen to Polish language podcasts (like our Polish Podcast and reading transcriptions.

But I have spent a few minutes and tried to find good apps to learn Polish. Here are some apps that will make learning Polish easier and accessible to you at any time.

Polish for Foreigners FREE

This is a mobile application to learn Polish for foreigners. It is constantly being improved by its creators, so something new appears in it every now and then. It contains many examples of English-Polish phrasebooks, which make it easier to communicate in Polish with people from Poland. It is worth knowing that the application is free.

Easily Learn Polish

When you are about to visit Poland it is worthwhile for you to learn Polish words and expressions popular in the country. Each of them is presented through written words and a recording of their pronunciation. Each recording is created by a native Polish speaker. The phonetic notation is at the highest level so that when you learn the pronunciation you can easily communicate with everyday Polish speakers.

Easily learn Polish

This is an innovative mobile application for learning Polish, full of various functionalities. You will learn this one of the most difficult languages in the world in a simple and interesting way. You will easily learn Polish by developing games and modern, interactive methods of learning Polish using your smartphone.

The application allows you not only to learn Polish from scratch, but also to consolidate what you already know about it and even enrich it with more difficult issues. You will find not only the meanings of words, but also grammatical rules.

Learn Polish with Lingo

This app makes learning Polish a pleasure - flashcards, online games and other interesting exercises will help you speak Polish in such a way that you will be able to hold a conversation with many Poles. It is an effective course for mastering Polish words and expressions. In the application, you will find thematic sections, which will make it easier for you to master vocabulary from a given field of knowledge. These include science, animals, art, health, nature, business, medicine, sport, tourism, food and many others.

Learning words in Polish

Nothing could be easier if you plan a trip to Poland and want to learn Polish quickly and easily. All you have to do is install this app and get to work. It is dedicated to both beginners and advanced learners of Polish. What sets it apart from other applications is that it is created by native Poles. Additionally, you can create a list of your favourite words or expressions and you do not need to have access to the Internet.

Learn Polish - Speak Polish

With this application you will start to learn willingly and without compulsion. It is so easy and accessible to use that you will easily and, above all, effectively start memorising Polish words and phrases. What is more, you will become more confident in using the language, which will allow you not only to create simple sentences, but also to converse in Polish. With this application you will feel as if you always have your personal Polish language teacher with you.

Learning Polish FunEasyLearn

This is one of the most popular apps to learn Polish. When you install it, you will get access to around 5000 phrases in Polish. These most commonly used phrases will make it easier for you to converse in Polish. In a simple and clear way, you can use the phrasebook and start speaking fluently in this language during more than one conversation. Besides, this app allows you to learn Polish in one of the 60 available languages. FunEasyLearn gives you the opportunity to learn Polish for free in an accessible and, most importantly, effective way.

Tobo: Learn Polish

This is one of the most popular fiche applications for learning Polish vocabulary. With it you will learn basic Polish vocabulary. It contains about 3500 nouns and verbs most frequently used by Poles. Thanks to it you will not only learn but also enrich your vocabulary. In addition to the transcript, each word has a pronunciation recording, which allows you to learn how to use it in the most correct form. Optionally, the app also includes word games, lists of vocabulary and expressions, which will allow you to learn at your convenience.

Our advice: If you want to learn a foreign language in small steps, get into the habit of learning 5 words a day. By doing this, you will be one step further with your learning every day than those who only talk about wanting to learn a foreign language. Doing this will allow you to see progress, and in a short space of time.

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almost 2 years ago

I like an application called Anki. It is one of the best apps to learn Polish but also other languages and other subjects. Anki is a space repetition program with flash cards allowing you to learn vocabulary quickly.

Like you, I'm not a big fan of Dualingo. Yes, using it is fun and you get an impression to learn Polish, but as soon as you want to actually say something in the language, you realise that it is pretty useless 😀

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Ania Marysia
almost 2 years ago

*****lengo and learn polish and Kahoot! *****

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