How to create a post

Information for Repeto contributors

The contributors can create and publish posts on the website themselves. The information below provides instructions on how to do this. Before I go into details, two remarks.

It is safer to write a post using a program like Google Docks and pasting it to the post form. By doing this, we ensure that our content will not be lost, because we always have a copy of it in a different place.

To create a new post, log in to the site and click on your name in the menu.

There should appear a page presenting the contributor's account along with a few additional buttons:

Posts, clicking will display a list of all published contributor's posts

Drafts, clicking will display a list of unpublished contributor's posts (you can work for a few days on the post saving changes and then publish it)

New Post, clicking opens the form for creating a new post.

Choose the type of post you want to create

After clicking the New Post button, a form will be displayed. The way the form is presented depends on your first choice where you need to choose the type of the post.

Depending on what you want to create, there are 4 choices. Please click on the links to find detailed instructions on how to create different types of posts.