Beginner A2 level

German short stories for beginners A2

Welcome to our German language course! The course consists of 12 short stories created for German-language beginners.

The stories are simple, are easy to follow, and contain basic German language A1 and A2 vocabulary.

Each short story will be accompanied by an audio recording and a list of important German phrases. We will also include a simple drag and drop exercise to practice vocabulary. We are certain that such a combination: reading and listening to simple stories and doing additional exercises will help you to improve your German fast.

How to learn with our German short stories?

Our method is very simple. Please read and listen to each German story many times until to understand it. If you struggle with understanding, you can use English translation. After reading the story many times, you should remember it almost by heart.

Once you understand and remember the short story, work with vocabulary by listening and repeating words and phrases. You will find a list of all important German words and phrases with audio on the next page. Remember, it is very important to say German words aloud as this will help you to remember them better.

In the last part of the lesson, we will test your German vocabulary. You will need to match German phrases with their English translations.

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We hope you will like our simple stories. Good listening!

German stories in this course: