Paul mag es zu malen.

Paul likes to paint.

Er malte als er ein Kind war.

He painted when he was a child.

Er mag es, mit Ölfarben zu malen.

He likes to paint with oil colors.

Er hat ein kleines Zimmer, wo er malen kann.

He has a small room where he can paint.

Es gibt Farben überall.

There are colors everywhere.

Er mag es zu malen, wann auch immer er kann.

He loves to paint any time he can.

This is important vocabulary from the previous section. Play the sounds and practice pronunciation.

  • mögen to like
  • auch also, too
  • das Zimmer room
  • immer always
  • es gibt there is / there are

Drag and drop words and expressions to their correct translations.


also, too

to like

there is / there are


das Zimmer es gibt immer auch mögen
Sorry, try again.