Things to Which I’m Addicted

Hello and welcome back to another episode of English By Ear, with me Jack White. On today’s episode, we are going to be talking about things that I’m addicted to.

To be addicted to something can mean two things in England. The first meaning is usually used in a negative way. For example, an alcoholic, which is someone who is dependent on alcohol would be considered to be addicted to alcohol.

However, people will often use the word addicted in a day to day sense, when talking about something they enjoy. This might be the case if someone loves a new song that is in the charts, they could say — “I can’t stop listening to this new song, it’s so good! I’m addicted to it!”

So, with that said, today I’m going to be discussing a few of my greatest addictions!

The first addiction I’m going to be discussing is my obsession with playing video games. I have always played video games from a very early age. When I was just five years old my father bought a Nintendo 64, I would play it every day.

As my life has progressed, I have continued to play the latest games consoles, and bought loads of new release games.

As well as normal games consoles, I also play a lot of computer games, including online games. These are great fun because you can play and socialise with your friends at the same time! On average, I probably spend around 3 hours a day playing on my PlayStation 4.

Another one of my addictions is food related. I’m someone who loves to indulge in junk food! Junk Foods are the type of foods that are generally considered bad for your health. For example, crisps, chocolate and sweets are all very stereotypical junk foods.

Throughout my life I have always tried my best to stay fit and healthy and have a very strict exercise routine that helps me with this.

However, my one major flaw in my healthy lifestyle is my obsession with chocolate. I will usually eat chocolate around 3 times a week and can easily eat lots all in one sitting! My favourite chocolate is dark chocolate, this is very rich and bitter in taste. I also like chocolate cake too!

My final obsession is sport related. As mentioned before I’m a very keen football fan and player. Throughout my life, I have always played regularly. I currently play a few times a week and it is a major part in my happiness.

But it’s not just playing that I’m obsessed with, I enjoy the whole sport, including supporting and watching not just my own team, but every team.

My girlfriend hates it, but I just love to watch any football, whether it’s on TV, online or in person. I’m obsessed with it, in fact — I’m addicted to it!

So that was three of my biggest addictions. Thank you for listening in and I’ll be back next time for more. Thanks again!

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