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When do we use Od & z in Polish language?


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about 1 month ago

In the story, it said „lecą w warszaw do Madrid”

When do I use z and when do I use od

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about 1 month ago

Good question Oli, yes I think we could translate English from to two Polish words od and z.

I'm not exactly sure what gramaticall rules are but I will give you a few sentences so maybe it will be clearer.

It looks like if you use from with places, we would ususally use z:

Podróż z Lublina do Warszawy trwa 2 godziny. A journey from Lublin to Warsaw takes 2 hours.

Z centrum miasta łatwo dojść do rzeki. From city centre it is easy to walk to the river.

Z can also mean with:

Chodź z nami! Come with us!

Poproszę gofra z owocami. I would like a waffle with fruits.

Od can be use with time:

Sklep jest otwarty od 8 do 17. A shop is open from 8 till 5 pm.

Od dawna marzyłem o tym. I have dreamed about this for a long time.

I hope it is slightly clearer now. Try to pay attention if you see this in the text and slowly you will learn about the correct usage.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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