The most popular Spanish food


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Hey! I was thinking about what I could eat and I thought about Spanish food. Can you tell me what is the most popular Spanish food?
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Hola! 😀 Sure, let me tell me you some.

Regions of tradition

1.East Spain, where the main roles play:

Mariscos seafood

Arroz rice

Aceitunas olives

Almendras almonds

2.Central Spain

Carne de animales salvajes meat of wild animals

Conejo rabbit

Rana frog

Guisantes pea

Frijoles bean

Ajo garlic

3.North Spain

Leche milk

Queso cheese

Pescado fish

Repollo cabbage

Maíz corn

4.South Spain

Pimientos pepper

Tomates tomatoes

Azafrán saffron

The most popular Spanish food

  1. Tortilla

An omelet of potatoes and egg fried in olive oil. You can add things like cebolla onion setas mushrooms or frijoles beans

  1. Gazpacho

A kind of soup with pepino cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and vinagre de vino vine vinegar. Sometimes gazpacho is served with the seafood.


This (super tasty!) dish includes rabbit and pollo chicken meat plus rice and spices - the most important one is saffron. I've tried paella with fish, but it's not as good (at least for me :) )

Customs, traditions and fun-facts

Spanish often eat breakfast, mostly sweet, around...noon! I'd be starving if I had to wait so long! How do they do it? :D

Spanish cuisine is thought to be one of the healthiest in the world - it consists a lot of vegetables and Spanish cheeses (which are eaten very often) are low in calories.

The culinary art of Spain combines the Mexican, Arabic, English and French influences.

¡Buen provecho! Enjoy your meal!

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