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"Sie" vs "sie"


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about 2 years ago

What is the difference between "Sie" and "sie"? When do you use them?

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about 2 years ago

"sie" is simply "she" or "they" wheras "Sie" is the polite form of "you". So when you address someone older, a stranger or someone you need to show respect to, you need to use "Sie".

The "Sie" you use to address people politely is conjugated as the "sie" of "they". Let me give you some simple examples to clear everything out.

Was will sie? What does she want?

Was wollen sie? What do they want?

Was wollen Sie? What do you want? (formal)

Was willst du? What do you want? (informal)

When speaking context will help you to understand whether someone is referring to you or to someone else.

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