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5 months ago

What is the difference between quel , quelle and que?

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5 months ago

Hi 😀. I'm not a native speaker but as far as I know since I learned French, the difference between que, quel, quelle follows the logic of other similar languages like Spanish and Italian.

"Que" is "What", sometimes even "Which", but it changes depending on the gender:

Quel - Masculine singular

Quels - Masculine plural

Quelle - Feminine singular

Quelles - Feminine plural

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Hey, what Davi said :)

Quel/quels/quelle/quelles are articles you adapt according to the noun that follows, the pronunciation and meaning do not change though.

Quel film as-tu préféré ?

Quels jours fais-tu du sport ?

Quelle heure est-il ?

Quelles villes d'Europe me recommandes-tu ?

"Que" is an interrogative word (in your question ; it can be other things, don't try to give one translation to a word that would be confusing) Que penses-tu du film d'hier ?

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