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What methods do you use to learn foreign languages, what is the most effective? Can you please share some tips!
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I will try to help and describe 3 good methods that work well for myself. I think that the key is to dedicate some time for learning every day. In my opinion it is better to learn for 15 minutes every day then 2 hours once a week. As mentioned I try to use these methods myself everyday and find them very effective in improving vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.

Colourful sticky notes

colorful sticky notes

Cheap, handy, widely available, and they can work wonders!

First of all, when you create them - writing - you learn a word or phrase. Secondly, you can stick them everywhere - walls at home, at work, breakfast box, phone case, wallet ... My favourite place is the book I read - before reading I paste it simply in random pages, making the word that it is written on them is associated with the plot, which makes it easier for me to find them in my memory.

Do not go crazy and write down just a few sentences or phrases each day. Then try to have a look at the note a few times a day (when you have a minute break at work, when you commute, etc). It is also a good idea to write the phrases over again or to hide phrase or its translation. Try different approaches and see what works the best.

If you follow this guidance, you will notice that at the end of the day you remember pretty much everything you wrote. But do not throw the sticky note away! Keep it and check it again a few days and weeks later. This will help you to store the information in long term memory.

Mobile phone applications

person looking at mobile phone screen

The fact that you almost always have it with you, as well as its functionality and personalization, means that there are many options for its use. You can set a list of words on the wallpaper - you will be looking at it every time you check the time or you will receive a new notification. You can set alarms, for example, every hour, and their title will be the word you are learning (remember only to tune your favourite song for the tune!). A great option will also be applications, often free and easy to use. My favourite apps for learning foreign languages are:

However, language learning applications are not everything. One of the best ways to improve your understanding of spoken language is to listen to podcasts in your language. Of course, you can use your cell for this. Download an application to listen to podcasts and enter the name of the language + 'podcast'. There is a good chance that you will find a lot of interesting shows.

Download the first few episodes and check which ones are at the right level and interest you. Listen as often as possible, when taking a bus to school, walking or jogging in the park, in the evening before going to bed. You'll see, gradually you'll understand more and more!

Films and music in a foreign language

TV set with Netflix logo

An evening with Netflix? Sounds like rest, not a science, right? And that's how it should be perceived! The list of available items including thousands of films and series guarantees that everyone will find something for themselves, and a suspenseful plot will make you even notice that you do not hear your native language, and the use of subtitles in a foreign language after a short time will give you completely natural. For beginners, fairy tales where the language is simple and the heroes speak slowly and clearly are a perfect choice.

Another great language learning tool is YouTube. There you will find a lot of interesting materials. You can start with channels for language learners, but then go on to the content that interests you. In this way, you will combine business with pleasure.

I do not even have to mention the impact of music on the learning process, especially when we find a song that we can listen to in a loop for hours ... One day of such "learning" and all the words you have already written in your head!

This is all that I have prepared for today, I hope that one of these methods will prove to be effective for you and that you will use it to make your learning easier, more enjoyable and more effective 🙂

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Thanks a lot Pola, really good tips.

I do not like Duolingo by the way, I have foud it pretty much useless :(

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