Polish verbs, what is the difference pytać, zapytać, dopytać?


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Ania Marysia
24 days ago

pytać, zapytać, popytać, dopytać, prosić, poprosić, uprosić

These verbs are really confusing to and for me!

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15 days ago

Hi Ania, thanks for next Polish language question. Please again watch this video about Aspekt dokonany i niedokonany of Polish verbs:

So pytać i zapytać is the same verb to ask but in two aspects.

The other ones have slightly different meaning: popytać indicates asking a few people, dopytać indicates gathering additional information. You know something already but ask again to know all the details.

Prosić, poprosić again is the same verb in two aspects.

Uprosić has slightly different meaning, it is more like to persuade or beg.

I hope this helps. I think the best way to tackle these different verbs is to use the language (by reading, listening, speaking, etc.) and paying attention to these differences. After a while you will notice and remember the situation when they are used. But even if you make a mistake, it is not such a big deal, you will be still understood by Polish language speakers.

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