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27 days ago

When using the Polish language, do we use well-known Polish sayings and idioms that are common in everyday speech?

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24 days ago

There is quite a few Polish sayings, proverbs and idioms and I think it is a good idea to remember the popular ones by heart and use them frequently. It is a nice way to build your vocabulary 😀

As in other languages, Polish saying usually do not have literal meaning and should not be translated literally.

Polish sayings can come from various sources, including:

Besides, a lot of Polish sayings are connected with the animal world (e.g. uparty jako osioł someone who is difficult to persuade to do something), with the human body (e.g. mieć cały dom na głowie to cope alone with all the chores) or with colours (e.g. biały kruk a rare, valuable specimen).

Below I will present some Polish sayings which is most often used by the Poles.

Popular Polish sayings:

A Polish saying is made up of several words. It becomes incomprehensible if we change even one word in it. It is quite difficult to translate it into other languages.

BTW there is check similar question that was published some time ago Funny Polish sayings and idioms.

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16 days ago

this is awesome, thanks a lot Paulina!

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