Polish ordinal numbers


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Ania Marysia
16 days ago

I can count w Polskie but how do you say first, second, third, fourth etc.?

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15 days ago

Hello again. These numbers are treated like adjectives so they need to be in a correct form depending on the nouns they describe. If we take word first for instance it can be pierwszy, pierwsza or pierwsze.

Unfortunatelly these endings look different if the nouns is or in plural form and also depending on the cases.

I would advice you Ania learning the basic forms first and then trying to figure out the meaning if you see it in the sentence. After a while it will be easier to remember and even if you make a mistake everybody will still understand what you are trying to say. All in all I think it is a good idea to learn these Polish numbers because they are frequently used in the language so you will understand Polish better if you master them.

Below a list of Polish ordinal numbers in basic forms.

Polish ordinal numbers with pronunciation

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