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Ania Marysia
17 days ago

I will email my testimonial. I am so interested in patterns in the language as I have discovered many times -tion words in English end in -cja in polish.

Can you please give more Polish language patterns and tips that help to learn them?

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11 days ago

Hello Ania, thanks for your question. I am not sure about these patterns, I think the one you mentioned may be one of the few ones that exists. But below I will put a list of similar words in English and Polish so you will be able to expand your Polish vocabulary quickly. Here we go:

bateria battery

bestseller bestseller

biznesmen businessman

bloger blogger

budżet budget

czipsy chips (Polish meaning is different, it means crisps)

dżersey jersey

dżinsy jeans

flesz flash

keczup ketchup

komputer computer

konferencja conference

kontener container

ksero Xerox

kultura culture

lewisy Levi’s

lider leader

mecz match

menedżer manager

mikser mixer

puzzle jigsaw (puzzle)

relaks relaxation

rewitalizacja revilatisation

stres stress

tost toast

wazelina Vaseline

wideo video

I hope this will help you. I will try to update this list in following days and add pronunciation.

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