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Hi! Can you tell me some common slang expressions in English?

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Hi! 😀

a)Airhead an idiot, somebody stupid

You really are an airhad for suggesting we shouldn't tell Mike about what Rachel did.

b) Air one's belly to throw out, vomit

Don't make me eat any more cake or I swear, I'll air my belly

c) Airy-fairy a dream, wish impossible to fulfill

This idea is nothing but airy-fairy

d) Alive and kicking full of life, healthy

He is 70 years old, but still manages to be alive and kicking

e) All in very tired, exhausted

I really wish I could go with you to this party, but I'm all in

f) All wet be completely wrong, mistaken

You have no idea what you're saying, you're all wet!

g) around the bend crazy, mentally ill

Am I wrong saying that Vanessa is a little bit...around the bend?

h) Big bucks large amount of money

This car will cost you big bucks...are you sure you want to buy it?

i) Big cheese boss, superior

Have you told the big cheese that you forgot to call that client?

j) Big drink Atlantic

Does she live near the big drink?

k) Bottom dollar the last money

I can't believe you've spent your bottom dollar on alcohol!

l) Candy man drug dealer

Tom is said to be a candy man, but I don't believe these rumors!

m) Cash cow good and stable source of income

You're a genious! Your new app is a cash cow!

n) Catch the hell (for something) be critisied/punished for doing something

I caught the hell when my mom'd found out I'd lied

o) Change the channel change the topic of conversation

Let's change the channel before I say something I'll regret

p) Check out the plumbings go to the toilet

If you will excuse me, I'll check out the plumbings

r) Chicken a coward

I told you he wouldn't do it - he is a chicken

s) Chummy friendly

Adam is chummy, everyone wants to be friends with him

t) Clean up on something make a fortune on something

Hazel cleaned up on her last product, so she can afford this vacation

u) Clock watcher a person who keeps watching to clock, waiting for something to end

A: Did Lucy enjoy yesterday's party? B: Oh, don't even get me started. She was a clock watcher.

And that's all....for today :) Look forward to the second part! PS Remember, you shouldn't use these expressions in every situation!

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