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Most common prepositions in Italian


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over 2 years ago

Hi! Can you tell me some very common prepositions for starting to speak Italian? :D Thanks in advance!

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over 2 years ago

Ciao ๐Ÿ˜€


Generally it's used for big places (big environments, countries).

Vivo in Italia I live in Italy

Vado in America I'll go to the USA

Voglio vivere in montagna I want to live in the mountains


Generally it's used for smaller places (cities, fairly small places), for expressing "to who" and time.

Vivo a Roma I live in Rome

Vado al mare I'll go to the beach

Ho dato la macchina a Fabio I gave the car to Fabio

A Maggio In May

A Natale At Christmas

Alle 5 At 5pm


It both means "by" and "from". In fact, it's used to express origins, from where something starts, by who an action is done etc.

Vengo dall'Italia I come from Italy (I'm from Italy)

Questo regalo รจ stato fatto da Lucia. This gift was made by Lucia.

Sometimes it's also used combined with some verbs

Dipende da cosa vuoi fare It depends on what you want to do.


This both means "for" and "in order to". It's used to express reasons behind an action or the final goal.

L'ho fatto per te I have done it for you

Studio l'italiano per vivere in Italia I study Italian in order to live in Italy


This can simply be translated as "of" and it's used for expressing possession.

รˆ il cane di Mario It's Mario's dog

Sometimes it's used combined with some verbs.

Sto pensando di mangiare una pizza I'm thinking about eating a pizza

It can also express the word "about" when it's used when talking about a topic.

Non voglio parlare di politica I don't want to talk about politics


It can be translated into "with". It's used for expressing company or the use of a something to do something else.

Voglio stare con te I want to stay with you

Voglio studiare l'italiano con I want to study Italian with


It's translated into "between" and "within" and it also has other uses.

Tra me e te c'รจ un tavolo Between me and you there is a table

Tra poco andiamo We'll go soon

Tra una settimana In a week

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