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24 days ago

Hey everyone,

I've recently been contemplating ways to make the most of my lengthy commute to work, and it occurred to me: why not learn language while driving? I spend quite a few quality hours in my car each week, so I figure it's a great opportunity to immerse myself in language learning through audio resources.

Currently, I'm focusing on learning Polish, but I'm open to exploring resources for other languages like English, French, Italian, Russian, and beyond.

So, I'm reaching out to this community for recommendations on audio courses, podcasts that you've found helpful in your language learning journey.

If you have any suggestions or links to share, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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23 days ago

Hi Stefan, thanks for interesting question.

Learning language while driving is a great idea. I actually did a course like that when learning French (I think the actuall title was Learn French in Your Car) even though I was not driving when I was learning from it 😀

These courses have got quite a lot of repetitions so they are quite effective for learning new vocabulary and they do not disctact from driving.

Such courses may be a bit boring after a while, so of course you can also listen to standard langauge podcasts.

In term of resources for courses "Learn language while driving" I would check Audible (If you do not want to pay the fll price, you can subscribe and get one audiobook or course per month for around $8).

I would also check Spotify as they may have free resources, sometime even the whole courses.

Spotify also have got podcasts but you can also check other podcast platforms like: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Overcast.

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