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What is the difference in French between I love and I like?

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6 months ago

Hi! Nice question.

It depends on the context and the meaning you want to convey. If you love someone (you're in love) or you love someone of your family, you can say "J'aime Charlotte" or whoever.

You can also that you love or like something "J'aime jouer" "J'aime les frites".

If you want to convey a less strong feeling, you simply have to add "bien".

J'aime bien Charlotte <-- in this case probably she is just a friend and you "love" her as a friend.

If you use this form for things, it sounds a little different: J'aime bien les pommes I like apples

If I hear that, I think that you simply like apples but there are other things you like more

J'adore is used for expressing a love not as "being in love". J'adore Beethoven I love Beethoven (his music for example)

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